Jenni always wants what she can't have (zenni) wrote,
Jenni always wants what she can't have

2011 reading list

2011 goal: 10,000 pages

8984 / 10000 pages. 89% done!

TitleAuthorGenrePagesDate fin.
The Other QueenPhilippa GregoryHistorical fiction448Jan
Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesSeth Grahame-SmithZombie/historical fiction319Jan
*Meng De Yi ShangQiong YaoRomance181Jan
*Han Yan CuiQiong YaoRomance298Jan
*Jin Zhan HuaQiong YaoRomance531Feb
*Ji Du Xi Yang HongQiong YaoRomance522Feb
*Xiu BangChen QingyunWuxia979Feb
*Xia Yi Jiang Hu LingDongfang YuWuxia784Feb
MausArt SpiegelmanGraphic novel/memoir296Mar
The Great GatsbyF. Scott FitzgeraldLiterature198Mar
Never Let Me GoKazuo IshiguroLiterature282Apr
The Hunger GamesSuzanne CollinsYoung adult454Apr
Catching FireSuzanne CollinsYoung adult472Apr
MockingjaySuzanne CollinsYoung adult455Apr
Slaughterhouse 5Kurt VonnegutScience fiction157May
Dead Until DarkCharlaine HarrisFantasy312July
A Game of ThronesGeorge R. R. MartinFantasy835Aug
Wishful DrinkingCarrie FisherMemoir163Aug
A Clash of KingsGeorge R. R. MartinFantasy1010Sept
BossypantsTina FeyMemoir288Oct

* = re-read
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