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Jenni always wants what she can't have

Dear Yuletide writer


I seem to be very slack this year, and late in getting this letter up, but please don't hold it against me! Though if you think I deserve coal, I will take that and it will keep me warm. However I am sure that whatever gift I receive will be a polished gem so haha joke's on you :)

In all seriousness, though, can I just thank you in advance for the story you are about to write, and apologise for the (lack of) speed I got this letter up. I know it can be frustrating to have no details to work with, so here it is! Everything You May Or May Not Have Needed To Know About Me For Yuletide Fic Writing.

Character studies, banter, and realism are a few of my favourite things. I love little character details that make me go, YES and flail (I have been known to do this to the detriment of precariously placed objects around me). I love it when fics fill the gap, I love pre- and post-canon stories. I love ladies kicking butt and takin' names (not necessarily literally! Though that can be fun too :D).

I really like gen. I will scour the depth of the internet for good genfic. I love the exploration of the relationships between family and/or friends, and a good bromance can always bring a tear to my eye (there is no good word for the similar kind of relationship between two women but I do love it equally) ('homance'? I mean that's what I've been using). When it come to shippy fic, I prefer het over slash, and I'm really into positive portrayals of healthy, mutually respectful relationships. It's not that dysfunction isn't fun, and push my buttons sometimes, but if a relationship's unhealthy, I'd really rather it be presented that way. I'm not a huge fan of smut, but I will take that over cheesiness any day.

I don't really have anything that I hate reading, other than a minor embarrassment squick, so if that could be avoided it would be awesome! And please don't feel obliged to write holiday fic!

Request 1
The Unusuals: Casey Shraeger, Jason Walsh
I love these two individually and as partners, and honestly, I would love to read about them just getting up to shenanigans, and solidifying their friendship. Their banter is one of my favourite things about the show, how they're both whip-smart, but in totally different ways. They just work. If the other people in the precinct would like to make an appearance, I wouldn't say no to that either!

Request 2
Elementary: Joan Watson
The little bits and pieces we're getting of Joan on the show is my jam. I'll be the first to admit that I started watching the show for all the wrong reasons (to spite the haters), and yes, it's not perfect, but it's so enjoyable, the way that Joan is really equals with Sherlock, and her role isn't diminished. While the show does a good job of developing their friendship, I'd love to read more about what Joan used to do, and what she used to be like, whether it be at work, with family and friends, or just chilling. (Also who is her dad that Sherlock was able to find out about his affair via Google??!?!)

Request 3
Nation: Ermintrude "Daphne" Fanshaw
This book is the best I've read all year. There was laughter, there were tears, and there is now the desire to read all about Daphne after she goes home. It's just such a bittersweet ending, and it'll be amazing to read some sort of continuation, about how she deals with the separation, and with her new responsibilities. We know she was a good queen, but what did she have to go through to get there?

Request 4
The Night Circus: Bailey Clarke
I think this book had great potential, but it kind of let me down in some parts. Bailey is my favourite character from it, and while he had a vital role, he... really didn't get to do much. So anything that has him doing stuff would be totally amazing. Like, how would he manage the Circus through the turbulent times coming up? We know it survived to the modern day, how have these people changed and adapted?

As usual, optional details are definitely optional. No matter what you end up writing, Santa, it will no doubt make my Christmas <3
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