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DYW 2013

Dearest Santa,

First up, I just need to make one thing absolutely clear: you’re the bomb. Seriously, just amazing. Know that you’re making my holiday season after a pretty shitty year, that whatever you write I’ma take with both hands and then rub my face in it because mmm.

My tastes haven’t really changed from previous years (some more letters here), and a good rule of thumb is: if it’s gen, I’ll love it unreservedly. Honestly there’s not enough genfic in the world to satiate my desire for some platonic bro/homance (I keep on using that word ‘homance’ but it’s never caught on; basically the female equivalent of a bromance), and the love between family, found or biological. That said, I will of course lap up het/slash/femslash if the chemistry is there (belligerent sexual tension is the woooorst) (by wooorst I mean beeeest) (I just really love using parentheses).

I love reading about healthy relationships, the supportive family/friends with mutual respect, and not seeing abusive/unhealthy/imbalanced relationships being portrayed in a positive light. Realism is my jam – I’m not saying that I won’t love a crack fic long time, but it’s amazing when something just clicks and is like, YES THAT’S HOW IT WORKS IN THE REAL WORLD. Character studies are amazing (I’m not saying characterisation over plot, but, the former is very important to me). Little details about characters will always make me claw at my face (in the best way possible, I’m now conditioned by Tumblr culture to say the exact opposite of what I mean).

Hurt/comfort (… or maybe just hurt) pushes my buttons, snappy dialogue pushes my buttons, really well-crafted AUs push my buttons, subversion of traditional gender roles pushes my buttons, mentor/mentee relationships push my buttons, even when I’m not wearing anything w buttons.

Some things that I am not really into: embarrassment (it’s a bit of a squick), OOC shipping, noncon/dubcon (please make any sexytimes mutually sexy), sexism/racism/other -isms for the sake of –isms.

Still with me? Sweet! Here are my requests:

Request 1
Now You See Me: Jack Wilder

I um. Possibly, a little bit, maybe have a Dave Franco situation. I don’t know, it’s just his face, and Jack’s face, and Jack’s being baby Horseman with the world to prove, and Jack’s everything. There wasn’t nearly enough Horsemen shenanigans in that movie for my liking, and even less Jack to satisfy me. I just want to read more about him, whether it’s backstory or future fic, or set during the movie (where are his and Henley’s interrogation footage tapes???), with the Horsemen or without, AU, anything you can throw at me.

Request 2
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Melinda May, Maria Hill, Jemma Simmons

Like Dave Franco, I was drawn to Melinda May because of who was playing her (Mulan, despite all its faults, is my favourite Disney movie), but the character honestly exceeded my expectations. I’d love to see some of the camaraderie between agents, whether it’s on a mission or winding down, or anything in between. Awesome ladies of SHIELD dance party unite!

(And if you are inclined towards a MCU crossover/cameo situation I definitely wouldn’t say no.)

(I've not included Skye in this request because she's not technically SHIELD, but I also don't think that she deserves some of the sheer vitriol I've seen from the fandom - I like her and think she has potential - so please feel free to include her (or not)!)

Request 3
Dredd: Cassandra Andersen, Joseph Dredd

My life is a Karl Urban appreciation one (do you spot a trend here), and moreover, these two and their mentor/mentee dynamic really plays into the abovementioned button-pushing, though I really appreciate that on certain things, they're on equal footing as well. I don't know if there exists a time when Dredd isn't switched on, but no matter the situation, seeing these two work together is just a delight. I'm not familiar with the comic canon – though at some point I should get to reading them – just a heads up!

Request 4
The Mindy Project: Mindy Lahiri, Danny Castellano

Writers you are kidding me with this show right? Right? I CAN’T TAKE THE SHIP TEASE, I CAN’T. That said, I am firmly of the opinion that Mindy and Danny just work, regardless of what sort of relationship they have, romantic, platonic or even antagonistic. Their chemistry is just off the charts, and having that explored in any kind of scenario (work, home, AU) would be ballin’.

I just gotta thank you again, Santa, YOU'RE THE BEST!
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